About this site

Welcome to this site, created to help communities through the process of developing and using effective earthquake scenarios. These scenarios can be powerful planning tools that help communities understand and plan for the future, telling the story of a defined earthquake and its specific impacts.

This site has tools and suggestions to help communities through the process, and perhaps most importantly, the site has users sharing their experiences and providing support.

Seattle Fault Scenario poster

The site is meant to be interactive, and will soon have some pages where you can post questions and/or comments, and interact directly with others who are working on or have completed various types of earthquake scenarios. You will also be able to sign up for e-mail notifications of new postings and comments on this site.

The site provides a wide range of ideas and types of earthquake scenarios–from very simple to elaborate–however it is meant to be particularly useful to jurisdictions and organizations that do not have access to lots of resources.

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