Here are earthquake scenarios that are completed, illustrating a wide range of purposes, detail, audiences, and including a discussion of lessons learned, problems and successes.

Cascadia Scenario from California Geological Survey

In 1995 the then-California Division of Mines and Geology worked with the north coast community to develop a planning scenario for a subduction zone event.

County of Hawaii Earthquake Scenario

County of Hawaii Scenario

This scenario is based on a detailed HAZUS run, demonstrating estimated losses.

CREW Cascadia Subduction Earthquake Scenario

CREW Cascadia Subduction Earthquake

In 2005, the Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW) prepared this scenario for magnitude 9 earthquake along the Cascadia fault. This workgroup is a public/private partnership.

Earthquake Alliances

For the past several years, organizations interested in promoting earthquake preparedness in California have created alliances to work collaboratively on media and public events, creating awareness and hopefully stimulating

The Great Southern California ShakeOut

Great Southern California ShakeOut

The most extensive earthquake scenario developed to date, used as the basis for a region-wide earthquake drill where over 5 million people participated.

Hayward Fault Scenario 1996

Hayward Fault Scenario 1996

This scenario, published in 1996, grew out of a day-long symposium held during the 1995 Annual Meeting of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.

Nevada Counties–Earthquake Scenarios

Nevada Counties–Earthquake Scenarios

A county by county HAZUS run, available online.

New York City Area Consortium

New York City Area Consortium

This report presents the results of a multi-year study that addresses the risks of an earthquake in the New York City area.

Oregon Cascadia Earthquake Scenario

Oregon Cascadia Scenario

A 1999 report from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) on the effects of a Cascadia earthquake.

Repeat of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Repeat of 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

This scenario was developed as part of the 2006 anniversary conference on the 1906 earthquake.

Seattle Earthquake Scenario

Seattle Scenario

This scenario was developed by a consortium, and ultimately published by the state of Washington.