HayWired Earthquake Scenario

Cover of The HayWired Earthquake Scenario—We Can Outsmart Disaster

The HayWired scenario depicts a scientifically realistic earthquake sequence, and its cascading impacts, that all starts with a magnitude 7 earthquake on the Hayward Fault. The scenario emphasizes understanding impacts from modern society’s lifeline interdependencies and reliance on the Internet.

The HayWired project is the earthquake scenario designed to model and study impacts on the San Francisco Bay area from a magnitude 7 earthquake on the Hayward Fault. The study builds upon understanding of the last large earthquake to occur on the Hayward Fault in 1868, but with the realization that modern urban infrastructures are made vulnerable by multiple layers of interdependencies between lifelines, with a major reliance on the Internet. This scenario also considers impacts from a sequence of aftershocks following the main earthquake, an aspect often overlooked but an important component of the physical and emotional damage associated with large earthquakes extending into the days and months following. To learn more about the HayWired Earthquake Scenario visit the USGS HayWired Scenario website.

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