Montana Earthquake Scenarios


With Support from FEMA, 18 Earthquake Scenarios were developed for the State of Montana. Scenario parameters were developed by the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, ShakeMaps were produced by the USGS, and HAZUS outputs were produced by FEMA Region 8. The map below shows the locations of the scenarios. Clicking on a scenario for more information and a link to see the full results for that scenario. A complete list of scenarios is also shown below the map.

List of Scenarios

M7.3 Bitterroot Fault – View Scenario
M7.3 Swan Fault – View Scenario
M7.2 Bridger Fault – View Scenario
M7.2 Brockton-Froid Fault Zone (Class B) – View Scenario
M7.2 Ninemile Fault – View Scenario
M7.1 Mission Fault (Mission Valley Section) – View Scenario
M7.1 Savage Lake Fault – View Scenario
M7.0 Blacktail Fault (Cottonwood Section) – View Scenario
M7.0 Emigrant Fault (Southern Section) – View Scenario
M7.0 Madison Fault (Madison Canyon Section) – View Scenario
M7.0 Tobacco Root Fault – View Scenario
M6.9 Centennial Fault (Western Centennial Valley Section) – View Scenario
M6.9 Ruby Range Northern Border Fault – View Scenario
M6.8 Red Rock Fault (Sheep Creeks Section) – View Scenario
M6.7 Red Rock Hills Fault (Monument Hill Section) – View Scenario
M6.6 Continental Fault – View Scenario
M6.3 Helena Valley РView Scenario


Montana Department of Disaster and Emergency Services
Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG)
USGS Earthquake Scenarios
FEMA GeoPlatform