San Diego Scenario


The Rose Canyon Fault Zone runs through the heart of the San Diego metropolitan area, presenting a major seismic hazard to the San Diego region, the third largest and one of the fastest growing population centers in California. The region’s large population coupled with the poor seismic resistance of its older buildings and infrastructure systems, make San Diego vulnerable to earthquakes.

Over five years, experts in geoscience, engineering, and emergency management studied the impacts of a magnitude 6.9 scenario earthquake on the Rose Canyon Fault Zone to raise awareness and prompt action towards reducing risk to earthquakes. The outcome of this report, published in 2020, is a vision for a Seismically Resilient San Diego and outline of next steps to take action towards improving the San Diego region’s resilience to earthquakes.

Scenario Publications

The Scenario Publications and resources are available below to download. For technical supplements, methodology, and updates to the scenario, please visit the EERI San Diego Chapter website at