Great Southern California ShakeOut

60 Second simulation

The Great California ShakeOut was a region-wide earthquake drill that involved millions in November 2008. Visit for details.

Many documents, videos, reports, animations, brochures, etc., were developed as part of the ShakeOut. The exercise was based on a very comprehensive scenario. More information on various aspects as follows:

In May 2008, scientists unveiled a hypothetical Scenario describing how a magnitude 7.8 Southern California earthquake —similar to the recent earthquake in China— would impact the region, causing loss of lives and massive damage to infrastructure, including critical transportation, power, and water systems.
Click here for the USGS press release and more information on the scenario: press release

A copy of the full technical report, The ShakeOut Scenario, is available online at
A non-technical summary narrative of the Scenario is online at

High resolution images and computer animations showing the earthquake rupture and its waves of energy spreading across Southern California are online at

Complete information about the scenario is available at

An overview of the successful exercise, its costs, who participated is available by clicking here: overview of ShakeOut