View video: on having media & university support

View video: on having media & university support
On finding a champion

View video: on finding a champion

What is necessary for the effective development and implementation of a scenario planning process?

  • buy-in from stakeholders
    By involving stakeholders from day one of the planning effort, it increases buy-in and ownership of the scenario
  • an understanding that the process may be more important than product
    The scenario product may not be as useful as the process of bringing stakeholders together, examining possible alternative futures, and understanding the interconnectedness of community planning issues
  • considering a variety of approaches, with a scalable format (an incremental framework)
    a flexible process will be key to successful implementation, including the ability to scale the planning effort up or down, depending on volunteer commitments, data availability and management support
  • public and leadership credibility and acceptance
    Increase acceptance by working with local “champions” for the scenario, choosing a credible scenario, involving leaders and experts who are respected in the community or organization
  • specific calls to action (link consequences with mitigation actions)
    If the scenario is meant to educate and persuade decisionmakers to take action, it is useful to have specific clear suggestions
  • making the scenario a living document
    To keep the scenario process alive and relevant, it will be helpful to involve new stakeholders and leaders as they change over time, and to re-evaluate assumptions, data available, conclusions
  • using community workshops to engage wide audience of stakeholders in accepting and taking responsibility for reducing risk identified in scenario
    Making such workshops part of the implementation process can be an important tool in developing acceptable, community-based mitigation actions

It is important to have very clear objectives for the scenario before embarking on the activity.

View suggestions in the Guidelines for how to present the scenario and encourage its use: presentation_of_scenario.pdf